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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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the tri-state! giant-sized snowflakes and low visibility along 275 here in hebron late this afternoon. and as we look live at the scene on i-75 in queensgate... a winter weather advisory is now in next couple of days! good evening i'm tricia macke.... boone, kenton, and campbell county cancelled evening let's start with the chief.. steve horstmeyer... steve... steve weather
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meantime many people have been commenting on the huge snowflakes that have been falling... meteorologist matt holiner has that part of the story... matt holiner wx comp matt holiner
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current confitions and hourly forecasts download the fox19 now weather app. it's simple just text "snow" to four-19-19 you can also upload pictures of the snow on the app! many of you have been sending in pictures of what it looks like in your part of town. here are just a few... download that
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right now the father of a woman who police say hit an 11-year old at a west price hill crosswalk.. and then took off... is apologizing to the little girl's family. fox19 now's mike outside the hamilton county where ruby ee-step has bonded out.. mike.. mike remote ruby estepp left the justice center after posting a 17- bond today.. she not only faces tonight...but she here in court for allegedly leaving that injured girl lying in the street. now tonight... e- stepp's father... and the little girl's mother.. are talking to fox19 now. 2paul "ruby will face up to this." paul estepp says he has had several conversations with his daughter about the accident.. 10paul "she called me and said, "dad, i don't know what to do." i said ruby you're going to have to face up to this. i said you can't, you know, you can't run from this." police say ruby estepp struck the little girl on glenway near winfield while the youngster was walking home from
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3paul "i especially want to tell the family that i'm very sorry. that little girl looks like a little angel. that's the part that really gets to me." this was 11-year-old london smith on friday...the day after the she is today after a weekend to start her recovery. london's mom says it will take much longer for london's emotional scars to heal. 5rebecca "she's still scared. she sleeps in my bed every night and she's still scared to go outside because she's says she's scared that she might get hit by a car." paul estepp says his daughter didn't stay at the accident scene... because she feared for her safety... 5paul "she said the people were getting mad and it scared her.." but london's mom see's it a different way... 5rebecca "she was scared she was going to jail off them other charges. she wasn't scared about hitting my daughter.she wasn't scared. she was scared about going to jail." estepp failed to face the charges in court on friday.. 8paul "she had planned on turning herself in the whole time but she has a daughter and she wanted to spend a couple of days with her because she know's she's going to spend
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'i don't feel sorry for her. i don't care about her circumstances or anything because she daughter." mike remote rebecca thomas says estepp's bond was too low for the severity of crime she's accused of committing. meanwhile...little london will return to her doctor's office on wednesday to see if on some torn ligaments in her reporting live 19 now it's an absolute mystery... a mother of 3 has not been seen or heard from, since january 31st. she was said to have been dropped off in california, kentucky at the califorina market off the double a highway. fox19 now's shawn lanier spoke with the family about their concerns. shawn lanier: "this was the last place 31 year- old tara turner was said to have been seen. and family members say they continue to come back to search this area hoping to find clue to whether that's true." dan turner: "for that to be my birthday and her
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unusual." tara turner was last seen here off the double a highway. a man, who family her boyfriend, dropped her off at the california market in this black truck. no one's heard from tara since. dan turner: "it's not like tara to not call or not the silence... and the searches have finally taken its family. down yesterday for the first time all week, and it was tough on me." the pendleton county sheriff's department is following every lead it can to pinpoint her last location. craig peoples: she was seen at a gas station here, a gas station there. we've been looking at video today. tara's three children along with the rest of the turner family are trying to keep hope that everything will be ok, but with every passing moment it makes that task more difficult. dan turner: "i've been trying to be strong for my wife and my daughters, but it's been hard"in california ky
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the sheriff's department is not ruling out foul play, but they are following all leads. if you've seen tara or remember her getting out of the black truck we showed you.. contact the pendleton county sheriff's department it all started with a 9-1-1 call to police. "i'm hearing him arguing with the girls he's talking about burning down this apartment." but when the cops showed up and saw this guy... a lighter may not have been the weapon of choice. we'll explain why. and.. three local chipotle locations including the one on fountain square... in the to gender we've got the verdict of a straight ahead. steve camera 4 you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by
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always home of the $24.99 oil change investigation
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a lengthy investigation continues tonight after a shootout and four vehicle accident in blue ash. police received reports of the shooting on oak avenue around 11:30 yesterday morning. after the shooting, one of the victims was involved in a crash on deerfield road. a 3-year old passenger in that car sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital along with the gunshot victim. just... 20 minues ago we got off the phone with blue ash police who say the now been identified. they have not released his name, and charges have not been filed. the man accused of shooting a covington k-9 and shooting at the dog's handler, pleaded guilty this afternoon to four
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34-year old daleon rice faced multiple charges including attempted murder of a police officer. police say rice led them on a chase last april following the incident. police had been searching for rice after he was accused of stabbing his own mother. ernie, the k-9 underwent surgery and is now back at work. tricia roof cam and as we look live... we're gonna find out just how long we'll be stuck in this cold weather pattern. will it last all week? the chief has the forecast next. "i'm hearing him arguing with the girls he's
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to norwood.. where that 9-1-1 officers to respond to an apartment on mcneil street around 4 this morning. that's when police say they found a man holding a sword with a butcher knife and
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his belt. they say 45-year old james hall refused to surrender his weapon, leading to a half hour swat situation. "the subject was intoxicated, making poor decisions. we're thankful at some point he made decided to make a good decision which was to surrender peacefully and now he'll just have to face whatever the court will do." hall is now in a cell in the hamilton county jail facing multiple misdemeanor charges... including inducing panic and aggravated menacing. three former local chipotle general managers just won a federal lawsuit they filed against the company.. claiming gender discrimination. today a jury decided that stephanie ochoa, tina reynolds and elizabeth rodgers were fired... because of their gender. the women say it happened despite receiving the same or better performence reviews than their male counterparts. we just finished
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of those women. stories tonight at 10. now... a massive amount of cocaine and heroin is now in butler county sheriff's burn taskforce and dea. pounds of mexican heroin, 1 pound of cocaine, a handgun cash was the home of a trafficker on woodstock drive. arnulfo vazquez- facing federal drug trafficking charges. a combined street is nearly $150 thousand dollars. patients using ventricular assist devices met at the today to raise heart health and one another. those devices, also known as vad's, take over and replace the function of the heat... for patients with heart failure. transplant list at the and that, we could get
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years and that's okay too because with this, i'm doing things that i want to do." the "vad-entines party" is part of national heart failure awareness week. time to check in with the tri-state's weather expert.. chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer.. tracking your forecast
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county village's new speed cameras-- as jody barr explains.. our investigation's already led the village to make a major change.
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ago-- "i got two, both 45 in a 35." but now--speed cameras are making 35." but now--speed cameras are making a comeback. "this is new technology...welcome to the 21st century." new miami cops are busting drivers for speeding-- you don't know you're caught--until a ticket shows up in the mail. "it's policing for's a money grab." we investigate how this department passed its own speeding law--and buried in a ons of a quota system. barr: "it says here, each unit shall be in place and operating a minimum of 100 hours per month." hensley: "then, you ask the lawyer." "if that's not a quota system...i don't know what one is." is this saving lives--or making a buck? policing for profit in new miami--coming monday in a fox19 investigation. also at ten... how many of us don't wake up and hit that couple times?
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could help you wake up "easier" in the morning. and our fox19 now morning team tested it out! these are selfie videos anchors rob williams and kara sewell took during this fox19 now experiment. we wanted to see if this new way of "waking up" would actually make a difference for them, especially since they're such early risers! so what happened? were either one of them, late for work? tonight at 10, wake up with rob and kara as they tested this new way of waking up. tonight on fox19 now... an all new x- files at eight... then things heat up... on lucifer at nine... followed by fox19 now at ten. "i'm jeremy rauch at xavier where the muskies just took off for creighton. find out how the muskies set a new program record, without playing game today - coming up next." sot
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jeremy rauch: "jeremy rauch on xavier's campus where
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just left for their showdown at creighton on tuesday night. and we'll go ahead and
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we could have a top four showdown at cintas... two weeks from wednesday. villanova is the new they come here on the 24th. xavier moves up one 4th overall in the new program record. now, his team will keep rising, chris mack: "they say it's very difficult to keep don't think you can, but i with very high character that understand they're sacrificing for something a little bit bigger than themselves, that's been a strength of ours and we have to recognize that and continue to believe that and promote that despite the outside noise at times." jeremy rauch: "quick note on the super bowl... anderson grad andrew norwell left last night's game with a hamstring injury. i spoke with his family today... they are upbeat saying andrew should recover quickly. at xavier, jr, fox19 now." we will see you
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